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Generally speaking, social media sites have strict limits on how many accounts you can create and maintain. However, most businesses, academic institutions, and even some countries forbid access to Facebook and other social networks by default. The most effective way to circumvent these restrictions is to use a proxy. With access to a vast pool of residential IP addresses, you can access Facebook indefinitely from anywhere in the world, whether you’re just looking to stay in touch with friends or need to create multiple accounts for your business. Using a proxy allows you to access Facebook without disclosing your true location. Thus, Facebook does not flag your accounts and has access to your data. With distinct, unflagged IP addresses, our cutting-edge residential proxies provide access to countless connection requests!

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Frequently asked questions

Although proxies can take many forms, residential and mobile proxies are the most widely used types. Websites “see” each residential proxy as if it were a legitimate device with an IP address. They’re an ideal answer for Facebook because they can’t be detected.
Using residential proxies is the simplest approach to get past Facebook’s restrictions. VPNs can also help with this, but you have no control over how the social network site views your traffic, and encryption severely reduces speed. Since proxies allow users to utilize several accounts, automate processes, and obtain data from different IP addresses, using them is simple.
No. Proxy listings are typically freely accessible to all users. Additionally, they are frequently run by dishonest people who are merely after your personal information (such as name, address, social security number, credit card information, and other private data). You never know when using a free proxy if someone is spying on you. Select a reliable proxy service if security and privacy are your top priorities. Although free proxies are free, there’s a strong chance you’ll be paying with your data in the long run, which may be very expensive.
It’s easy to stay banned when using a proxy; don’t spam. It’s obvious if you utilize multiple accounts to sell something; for instance. As connecting your Facebook accounts could result in a ban, be careful not to do so. To prevent Facebook from being able to identify you from any digital traces, make sure to use a different address for each account.
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