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The intricate web scraping process entails mechanically obtaining a large amount of data from several websites. Many websites tend to ban scrapers because they include automation, which reduces their effectiveness and prevents users from accessing data. Blocks and CAPTCHAs are most frequently used with residential proxies.

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Web scraping is not illegal, but there may be ethical and legal issues with the way it is done and how the data is used thereafter. It may be illegal to do things like scrape personal information and copyrighted content without permission or to interfere with a website’s regular operation.
A web scraping proxy hides your actual IP address and keeps it from being banned by connecting to your target website using a safe, alternative IP address. Because many proxies are set up to mimic human behavior, crawling a website is less likely to result in blocking.
VPNs can be a little more expensive than proxies, which can be free or inexpensive. Because of this, proxies are a preferable choice for jobs like web scraping, where you may need to find thousands or even millions of distinct IP addresses to use in automated requests.
Proxy pools let you escape detection and IP bans from websites that restrict requests from a single IP address by enabling automated IP address rotation. Websites may ban users for web scraping from a single IP address.
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