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Your IP address is changed to a new one of your choosing when you use a proxy, fully anonymizing your internet activity. With an uptime of more than 99.9%, IPS Proxy’s residential and mobile proxies are the quickest on the market. For every use case, we prioritize speed, stability, security, and individual approach
We provide precisely crafted packages for both individual and business users, ensuring a flawless resolution for all your requirements. Based on your requirements, you can select particular continents, regions, or even cities. You only need to click a few times on our dashboard to activate your brand-new proxies!

Top Proxy Locations

226090 IPs

United States

792251 IPs


367600 IPs


116173 IPs


274277 IPs


305109 IPs


670301 IPs


374577 IPs


1123823 IPs


367978 IPs


579580 IPs


64697 IPs

Saudi Arabia

274277 IPs


367978 IPs


All Countries

North America
South America

Why Go For IPS Proxy?

We support an entirely open internet that is accessible to everyone, devoid of any kind of filtering, ranking, or prejudice. We constantly go above and beyond to make sure our clients’ operations are uninterrupted because security is our first concern. Since information is the most sensitive and valuable resource available, it is our mission to always guarantee the highest levels of information protection, confidentiality, and integrity. Since we don’t believe in making concessions, we constantly adapt and enhance our solutions to meet the demands of both the market and our clients.
All proxy providers boast about the size of their IP pool, the lowest prices, the highest availability, or some other feature. We at IPS Proxy give our customers the option to test out every element of our products in the comfort of their own homes. They can then buy the plan that best suits their needs after that. There are no unpleasant surprises, hidden conditions, laws, or tiny prints. Every one of our IP addresses is valid, clean, and appropriate for use with VPNs, wireless networks, hosting, marketing firms, ISPs, and so on.

The Most Extensive And Affordable Proxies Network

Are you worried about the proxy pricing? At IPS Proxy, we provide a range of pricing plans with different available traffic, IP address counts, and feature counts. Select the one package that best meets the needs of your project.
Use a pool of over 20 million IP addresses to power your web scraping projects with rotating residential proxies. Geo-location limits are readily bypassed with the global coverage of our residential and mobile IP addresses.
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